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Our Team and Fleet

  SeaXplorer Sagres was founded in 2014 by Martina and Carlos combining her passion for wildlife and nature and his skills as a skipper and knowledge of the sea. We wanted to do a little diferent, we have a different Boat for you to enjoy, it's a Catamaran which offers more stability but more wind protection as well. Each boat trip is guided by our German, English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking Marine Biologist.

  We care a lot about the nature and its habitants. We work hand in hand with an Organization for marine research, specificaly whales and Dolphins, to get them a better environment, to do studies for the futur of these fascinating, very inteligent and social animals.

   We invite you for one of our adventurous Catamaran Boat trips around the beautiful Coast of this Nature Reserve of the Costa Vicentine where most of the nature is untouched and still amazingly wild.

Carlos Boto, Founder and Skipper,

is talented with boats, for 35 years he goes Fishing, spearfishing and diving along our beautiful coast. He is one of few that knows the whole coast from over to underwater. He will take you safely through the sea on our trips. 

Michel Wiese, Marine Biologist and Guide,

has studied Marine Biology due to his love for the Sea and wildlife. The connection to the sea and waves is very strong, and he is a Rescue diver (PADI). Michel is here with us since the beginning, very helpfull and guides you in Portuguese, German, English and Spanish.

Martina Dittmann, Founder and Manager,

has years of experience in the Tourism branche, her love for nature and wild animals made her decide to conect with it, educate and show people this amazing world through our wildlife boat trips.

+351 918 940 128

  +351 282 625 059  

SeaXplorer Sagres

 Porto da Baleeira

8650-368 Sagres, Portugal

37° 00.5' N | 008° 55.9' W