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* Summer (1st June to 31st October)

   Tour Details:
From the Port of Sagres, in the direction to the Cape St. Vincent we pass the Ponta de Sagres, a 300m large spit of land with steep cliffs, the Fortaleza which is an important Portuguese Monument, where legend tells that Henry the Navigator did his operational studies, as well as the Fortaleza de Beliche, Praia de Beliche and the small Chapel of Santa Catarina.We surround the famous Cape St. Vincent with its lighthouse, which up to this day is known as Europe’s brightest. There you can admire the Algarve from a different point of view, with its up to 70m high cliffs. The cape is known as a sacred place since the Neolithic period, and it has got its name after Saint Vincent of Saragossa, a patron saint of sailors.   Not only discoverers of New Worlds, also countless pirate ships passed the Cape St. Vincent at the time, turning it into one of the world's most frequented sea routes.

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